Protruding Abdomen: Causes, diagnosis, Treatment

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Protruding Abdomen: Description

Some people find their stomach protruding despite not being obese or overweight. A protruding stomach indicates certain ailments that a person has eaten.

Protruding Abdomen: Causes

The following are some causes of protruding stomachs: sedentary lifestyle; high-calories diet mostly with carbohydrates and fats (such as French fries, pizza, fast-food, sodas), not getting enough exercise; overeating may also be a cause and as well as stress.

Protruding Abdomen: Treatment and Diagnosis

Solutions and tips to avoid protruding stomach include: drinking less beer to reduce the accumulation of fat in the viscera or stomach; avoiding eating dinner very late or before going to bed as this tends to deposit fats on the belly; exercising to lose weight; swimming also helps in getting rid of fats quickly; upper, lower, and oblique exercises for the abdomen also help burn stomach fat; eating smaller meals a day to increase metabolism; avoiding sugary and sweet foods as fats and sugar work together in increasing the body’s fat deposits; participating in cardiovascular activities or exercise for at least thrice a week for twenty minutes to prevent fat build-up; rehydrating by increasing water consumption to loosen stomach fats.

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