Pain in Scrotum: Causes, diagnosis, Treatment

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Pain in Scrotum: Description

Scrotal pain is any discomfort in the scrotum and its contents, in the testicles and their structures. This is a relatively common problem in men of all ages but particularly among young adults and middle-aged men. Although it can be annoying in the long term, scrotal pain is rarely a sign of a more serious health problem.

The spermatic cord and the blood vessels of the testicles descend from the abdomen and pelvis, and pass into the cavity through the inguinal canal. The inguinal canal is located in the upper thigh and on a side of the pubic bone, just above the genitals. During the orgasm, semen is ejaculated from the epididymis, carried in the vas deferens and prostatic secretions mixed with secretions from other glands, then ejaculated.

Pain in Scrotum: Causes

and risk factors

Scrotal pain can be very common, especially among young people. It is very common that men suffer intermittent and minor pressure in the scrotum, due to a transmission problem of the abdominal pressure through the inguinal canal down on the testicles.

There may be several causes of scrotal pain, including: a testicular tumor, a scrotal trauma, a cyst of the epididymis, a hydrocele (an accumulation of fluid around the testicle), a hernia, a torsion of the spermatic cord (a testicular twist of its blood vessels, cutting off blood flow and causing a sudden and intense pain).

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