Pain in Testicles: Causes, diagnosis, Treatment

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Pain in Testicles: Description

The testicles inside the scrotum, are very sensitive and even a minor injury can cause pain or discomfort. However, sudden severe testicular pain requires immediate medical attention. The discomfort in one or both testicles is sometimes radiating to the bottom of abdomen. If a young man has abdominal pain he should always carefully examine the scrotum.

Abdominal pain may occur before testicle pain in some conditions such as testicular torsion, a twisting of the testicles that can disrupt blood flow and cause tissue death. Testicular cancer is usually painless, but any testicle lump should be evaluated by your doctor, whether or not pain.

Pain in Testicles: Causes

Among the most common causes of testicle pain include: injury, infection (epidrimitis, chlamydia, orchitis, papaeres) or inflammation or testicular torsion.

Fluid in the testicles often causes painless swelling, but may cause mild discomfort. There are several main types of fluid collection: Varicocele: enlarged veins in the scrotum that carry blood to the testicles; Spermatocele: fluid in the epididymis that forms a cyst and often contains dead sperm cells; Hydrocele: fluid in the area inside the scrotum, surrounding the testicle and common in newborns.

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