Skin Rash and Headache: Causes, diagnosis, Treatment

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Skin Rash and Headache: Description

Possible causes of headache vary from a common headache or common cold relatively harmless to life-threatening emergencies such as meningitis or even the remote possibility of a brain tumour. There are possible various types of headache: common headache, migraine, cluster headache or other headache.

A single rash or dermatitis is a swelling or redness of the skin that involves a change in colour or texture. It can be the outside of a bruise, welt, a mole, freckle, a mole or a lump in the skin, etc.

Skin Rash and Headache: Causes

Skin rash and headache together can indicate different diseases ranging from allergies, poisoning, reaction to vaccination to scarlet fever, syphilis, typhus and others.

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