Sore Tongue or Ulcers: Causes, diagnosis, Treatment

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Sore Tongue or Ulcers: Description

A number of different conditions can cause pain and / or the presence of anomalies or sores on the tongue. Tongue sores can result from infections, tumours, chronic illness, trauma, or toxins. Inflammation of the tongue is medically known as glossitis.

Sore Tongue or Ulcers: Causes

This type of oral lesions are white to yellowish in color with red border and have round to oval shape. They are painful and may appear in varying sizes or in clusters. The following are some of the causes of these ulcers: food allergies, lack of oral hygiene, lack of sufficient sleep, deficiency of B vitamins, zinc and iron, sudden weight loss, hormonal changes, use of certain medications, stress/use of citrus fruits, physical trauma (like accidental biting or toothbrush abrasions), medical conditions like Crohn’s disease.

Those who chew tobacco regularly are more prone to develop ulcers on tongue. Even smoking, excess alcohol consumption, excess intake of tea and coffee, spicy food, etc., are said to cause mouth ulcers. Use of toothpaste and mouthwash with harsh chemicals may also cause these ulcers. Acidity is also linked to occurrence of these ulcers.

Tongue ulcers can be caused by other conditions. This include oral thrush, gingivostomatitis (combination of both gingivitis and stomatitis), herpes simplex, oral lichen planus (red patches and open sores) and oral cancer.