Vulvovaginitis Vaginal Itching: Causes, diagnosis, Treatment

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Vulvovaginitis Vaginal Itching: Description

Vaginitis is a low infection and localized inflammation of the vaginal mucosa and can be caused by bacteria, fungi, protozoa. Yeast is also called COLP. Usually accompanied by inflammation of the vagina and vulva inflammation (the external female genitalia) vaginitis is called vulvovaginitys. Vulvo-genital infection is low and can result in the following signs and symptoms: vaginal discharge or leucorrhea characteristic of each type of pathogen.

Vulvovaginitis Vaginal Itching: Causes

Aerated with greenish yellow leucorrhoea odor is caused by Trichomonas vaginalis. Haemophilus vaginalis produces a white vaginal discharge, unpleasant odour and airy gray uniform adhesion of the vaginal walls, pruritus (itching) located deep to the external genitalia accompanied by burning, local pain; congested vaginal mucosa, dysuria (difficulty urinating). These symptoms and signs diminishes and reappear depending on menstruation and pregnancy.

Contributory factors that can trigger the installation of the vaginitis are: sexual activity; treatment with antibiotics; diabetes mellitus, AIDS; hormonal dysfunction (puberty or menopause); low-level hygiene or some practice hygiene (frequent vaginal irrigation); some contraceptive methods. Vulvo-genital infection leading cause of infection is represented by bacteria (Haemophilus vaginalis), protozoa (Trichomonas vaginalis) and fungi (Candida albicans). Infection is one of the Majors Reproductive health problems of women.

Vulvovaginitis Vaginal Itching: Treatment and Diagnosis

For the diagnosis of the vaginitis these laboratory tests are required: determination of vaginal pH is normally acidic, while by vulvovaginitis is basic or alkaline; Microscopic examination followed by culture and sensitivity; investigation and immune serum; blade-testing of vaginal discharge. Vaginal Candida is responsible for much of the vulvovaginitis. It is a condition faced by many women, which go quite late to the doctor to treat them.