Yellow Nails or Nail Discoloration: Causes, diagnosis, Treatment

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Yellow Nails or Nail Discoloration: Description

Medicine has established a link between nail and close functional liver. Healthy nails are strong and elastic, smooth, pink and evenly shaped. Usually, toenails should be stronger than those of the hands. If the liver is sick, nails are soft, deformed and have a high fragility. Yellow nails show that the liver is weakened. Pale colour of the nail is a sign of poor condition of the blood (haemoglobin level decreased), the anaemia, low energy liver and kidney, the spleen felt cold. The same pale nails now found in cases of leukaemia or other cancers.

There is a condition which is characterized by a greenish yellow nails of fingers and toes. This rare syndrome is related to obstruction of lymphatic circulation, itself caused by a chronic respiratory disease (lung infections repeated respiratory fibrosis, pleural effusion), a thyroid disease, a lymphoma cancer or deep. Besides their unusual colour, thick nails are abnormally curved; moreover, their growth is much slower. Only treatment of the condition responsible for this syndrome can lead to regression of symptoms.

Yellow Nails or Nail Discoloration: Causes

Excessive smoking can cause yellowing of the fingertips as the nail. Tobacco smoke can stain the skin around the finger from yellow to brownish-yellow. The solution in this case would be pretty simple: stop smoking. Fungus can be a common cause of yellowing nails from both hands and feet. Infections can lead to nail colour change, and may be associated with bad breath, pain, tenderness. Office visit is absolutely necessary in this case!

For women, nail polish (or nail) is assessed indispensable. Despite our attempts to make nails look more beautiful, healthier and to hide blemishes, prolonged use of nail cosmetics can have disastrous effects. Lakes can stain dark nail, so the lakes are preferably in bright colours. In addition, it is good occasionally be left clean nails, to breathe.